Notes from Nijmegen


Beberapa waktu lalu sekretariat INA-RESPOND (tempat dulu aku berkerja) meminta kepada para ex-RA nya untuk menulis tentang kegiatan mereka saat ini.  Cerita ini kemudian dimuat dalam monthly newsletter INA-RESPOND.  Sepertinya lumayan juga untuk di-repost di blog. Hehe…. Supaya enggak dua kali nulis 🙂


Dr Indri Hapsari  (INA-RESPOND RA from Semarang site: 8 July 2013 – 2 July 2016)

dr Indri was with the INA-RESPOND AFIRE study team for quite some time. She’s also one of our most reliable RAs. Where is she now? She’s writing us from The Netherlands!

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to get an email from the INA-RESPOND Secretariat.  Honestly, I miss the routine I did as an RA, and most importantly, I miss the Secretariat personnel!  I’m doing great here. I’m taking Microbiology Master Program in Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This is a completely new journey for me and my family (I’m taking my husband and daughter). Having my family here makes me feel secure and comfortable.

As for my academic life, I have to make a lot of efforts to stay ahead as it has been quite a while since the last time I was in school, but guess what… I’ve got the highest score for my last compulsory course (host-microbe interaction/immunology)!  Right now I’m undertaking an internship in the Laboratory of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Radboud University Medical Center; working on Streptococcus pneumoniae. I feel like I’m the PI,
the RA, the Lab Technician, and also the Data Manager all at once!

My experiences as an RA in INA-RESPOND study have helped me a lot in conducting my research. I have become familiar with organizing sample, collecting data, and doing administrative stuff. In addition, working with people from various backgrounds is no longer an issue for me. Of course, there is a different academic culture between here and in Indonesia. I don’t feel too much hierarchy and have more egalitarian. Currently I’m working in a lab, doing the ‘dirty job’ as well as being a PI who has to fully understand why I did this and that (but definitely I’m supervised all the time).
I hope I can continue my study and get my PhD in the future, and perhaps, collaborate with INA-RESPOND someday! See you soon!




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